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  • Unrelenting Pain
  • Digestive Discomfort
  • Chronic Illness
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Concussion
  • Low Energy

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Our Specialty Osteopathic treatment areas

Complex Conditions

Targeting pain at its source. To comprehensively treat your issue, Aches Away Toronto Osteopath’s consider dysfunctions in myofascia, postural alignment, fluid circulation, neurlogical reflexes, craniosacral rhythm, lymphatics and much more.

Recover quicker from Injuries. It’s possible, with expert care and diligent rehab. Our Sports Injury Osteopaths have extensive training in helping you return to a high level

Pregnancy can be a difficult experience. Our highly trained Osteopathic Manual Practitioners can help ease the burden of your journey with expert treatments that are sure to help.

Fibromylagia, Crohn’s, Myofascial Pain Syndrome are all conditions that can flare up unpredictably. Osteopathic Treatment is a safe and gentle way to manage these flare ups and return to function in the shortest possible time

Our Toronto Osteopathic Team

Robin Guillen D.O.M.P

Robin Guillen


Robin is an experienced Toronto Osteopath with training from the prestigious ISOsteo school in Lyon, France. He has gained extensive professional experience treating sport injuries, digestive issues, stress/anxiety, TMJ disorders and headache/migraines. Robin’s treatments are covered by most extended health benefits under Osteopathic Care.

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Blandine Chambonnier D.O.M.P

Blandine Chambonnier


Blandine is a seasoned Osteopath, also with training from the renowned ISOsteo School in Lyon, France. She combines her 20 years of high level athletic experience with her expertise in treating sports injuries, complex pain, Autoimmune conditions, headaches, and fatigue. Blandine’s treatments are covered by most extended health benefits under Osteopathic Care.

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Holly Donaldson Osteopath at Aches Away Toronto

Holly Donaldson


Holly also holds a Diploma in Exercise Therapy and is a Registered Nutritionist. Holly is
currently pursuing studies at the prestigious Carrick Institute of Clinical Neuroscience specializing in traumatic brain injury and vestibular rehabilitation. Holly’s primary interests include concussions and minor head injuries, headaches and sinus issues,
anxiety as well as abdominal/digestive and pelvic pain.

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Osteopathic Services and Rates

  • Initial Assessment and Treatment ($140.00)
    60 minute Assessment includes general postural and preferential motion evaluations combined with gentle corrective treatment. Techniques includes Myofascial Release & Muscle Energy Techniques. ** Wear clothes that allow you to move
  • 45 minute Follow Up ($100.00)
    Assessment and Treatment includes general postural and preferential motion evaluations combined with gentle corrective treatment. Techniques includes Myofascial Release & Muscle Energy Techniques. **Wear clothes that allow you to move)
  • 30 Minute Follow Up ($80.00)
    Assessment includes general postural and preferential motion evaluations combined with gentle corrective treatment. Techniques includes Myofascial Release & Muscle Energy Techniques. **Wear clothes that allow you to move)

Practitioners trained in osteopathic methods look at the musculoskeletal system, comprised of your body’s system of nerves, muscles, and bones, as the central player in your body’s functioning and osteopathic manipulative medicine provides an osteopathic insight into how an injury at one location of the body can impact other connected systems.

Our Aches Away Toronto Osteopath’s are: Robin Guillen  DOMP, Blandine Chambonnier DOMP and Kam Singh (Professional Osteopathic Student).

  • Initial Assessment/Treatment (Student Osteopath) – $40.00
    Provided by Osteopathic Student, Kam Singh. 35-45 minute session includes general postural and preferential motion evaluations combined with gentle treatment. Techniques includes Myofascial Release & Muscle Energy Techniques. *STUDENT TREATMENT NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE
  • 30 minute Follow Up (Student Osteopath) – $30.00
    Provided by Osteopathic Student Kam Singh. A 20 to 30 minute session includes general postural and preferential motion evaluations with gentle treatment. Techniques includes Myofascial Release & Muscle Energy Techniques. *STUDENT TREATMENT NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE

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What does Osteopathy aim to do?

Osteopathy is a principles based approach towards assessment and treatment of the body. It considers the relationships between all integrated systems. This includes soft tissue comprised of our muscles, hard tissues made up of the bones, fluid mechanics and the neuro vascular supply to all areas of the body.

This type of therapy aims to restore balance in the body so that it has the ability to function at its greatest capacity.

The ‘pathy’ part of osteopathy has often been misinterpreted to mean disease (from bone). In fact it has more to do with pathos–sympathy with the bone, and understanding its niche in the ecology of our being.

Osteopathic Training and Treatment

 Osteopathic Practitioners, typically have over five years of training in treating complex cases involving chronic pain and injury. The work with all kinds of disorders such as migraine syndromes to chronic fatigue to post surgery recovery to digestive dysfunction. Our Osteopath’s in Toronto have trained at the World renowned ISOsteo Osteopathic School in Lyon, France and at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton

 Are you interested in trying Osteopathy? Are you wondering what happens during a treatment?

The Ontario Association of Osteopathy answers the question: What is Osteopathy?
Our practitioners come from around the world. We have 2 Osteopath from France
right now.

Each session with our Osteopaths, includes a combination of assessment and treatment. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have at any time during your treatment.

Most insurance companies accept osteopathic treatments as part of their health benefits plan. Our osteopaths are all registered with recognized osteopathic associations and their patients have been able to claim their treatments for insurance reimbursement.

We will work with you towards pain-free living and recommend the appropriate massage treatment to combat aching or sore muscles, joint aches, or stress. Let our highly trained practitioners rid your body of the pain you carry to help you find a lasting solution to pain management.

All Osteopathic sessions begin with a discussion of your goals and problem areas so your therapist can customize treatment based on the needs and challenges your body presents.

Find Long Lasting Solutions for your symptoms

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What issues are Osteopathic Treatments most helpful for?

 Osteopathy for PAIN MANAGEMENT

Targeting pain at its source. An interdisciplinary approach towards pain management can provide an approach to treatment which considers the health of your body’s musculoskeletal system.

With the prevalence of chronic illness and pain significantly decreasing the quality of life for so many Canadians, a holistic approach can offer a safer, integrated approach that shifts pain management from physician to patient.

Patients become active participants in their pain management regimen and learn to look to the various aspects of their life that impact the successful treatment of chronic pain. Osteopathy for Back Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain and Hip Pain can be a very effective and scientifically proven treatment and definitely worth a try.

Our 111 Top Osteopathy for Pain requests of 2019 [show]

  1. Chronic neck pain, esp. R side, upper back and shoulders.
  2. Fibromyalgia pain
  3. Chronic back pain, have been seeking treatments of various kinds for months after severely pulling muscles in mid back and neck.
  4. I am having lower back pain and cervical stenosis.
  5. Pain at the back on a particular point on the spine and pain on the calcaneus.
  6. I hurt my lower back in 2009 lifting my nephew. I also have pain in my neck that contributes to migraines. I use a foam roller and have tried stretches but the pain still persists.
  7. I have back pain and upper neck pain. I had a neck injury a few months ago to several discs in my cervical spine.
  8. Limited ROM in shoulders and intense knotting in neck and right shoulder area. Also tight hip flexors and hamstrings.
  9. Osteopathy request for back & hip pain
    knee and shoulder issues
  10. After an accident I have pain on both sides of my legs.
    neck pain, lymphatic drainage, headache
  11. hip, knee, feet pain and other joint pain and arthritis
  12. Cervical back and neck pain, numbness in hands when waking up, loss of ROM.
  13. Left knee-LCL strain. Muscle tightness, knee pain
  14. Chronic neck pain, headaches. Currently receiving chiropractic treatment and acupuncture.
  15. Shoulder, wrist and back pain.
  16. My shoulder and hip are causing me grief. I am not sure if I have torn my rotator cuff. The hip bothers me when I do a lot of walking mostly.
  17. A friend recommended an Osteopath to deal with my back/neck/jaw tension and pain.
  18. I am a dental hygienist with a few aches and pains in my neck and back
    eyestrain/headaches/neck strain/posture issues
  19. Low back pain and cracking of back that is persistent.
  20. Left hip and left back pain since October. I’ve had x-ray’s, and ultra sounds. My doctor says I’m misaligned. My left hip is about 1 inch higher than my right
  21. Lower back and glute pain
  22. I have lower back, which, no matter how much I stretch, it still hurts. My right knee also hurts a lot for reasons unknown to me
  23. Have problems with left side of body. Started with left knee injury 2 years ago.
  24. Shoulder pain left (LHB), hip ant. right
  25. Pain in left lumbar area with associated abdominal and pelvic pain.
  26. Back pain/neck pain (headaches)
  27. Sore lower back from working retail and standing all day. I have had two appointments (acupuncture) and it has helped but my lower back is still really stiff
  28. Persistent neck, and shoulder pain / tightness
  29. Lower back pain, left shoulder pain, knee pain
  30. Had a fall, landed on my right hip, am experiencing lower back pain and stiffness on my neck, both more towards the right side.
  31. I have experienced lower back pains per year, and now that I am starting to exercise often, muscles are often getting pinched and the back pain is worse than ever.
  32. I have upper back pain and stiffness which radiates to my chest muscles. I feel achy and weakness throughout my body. My family doctor suggested to see an osteopath. Thanks.
  33. Shoulder pain, digestive issues
  34. My lower back has been hurting for over a month now. I lifted some heavy things while moving – and the move in general was stressful. The pain is the left side of my lower back and I feel as if something is pinched or stuck.
  35. My lower back has been hurting for over a month now. I lifted some heavy things while moving – and the move in general was stressful. The pain is the left side of my lower back and I feel as if something is pinched or stuck.
  36. Lower back pain and occasional feelings of numbness to right leg
  37. I have a number of issues I’m hoping to address: pain in my left breast/armpit, pain in my right hip, IBS and painful sex.
  38. To assess a clicking jaw to see if there is anything that can be accomplished through osteopathy.
  39. SI joint pain, lower back pain, radiating down my leg. Quite severe.
  40. Long periods of time sitting at work. Mild lower back pain and around the left hip joint.
  41. Intense knots in middle back/shoulder blade area resulting in spasm, head aches, neck tension, and all around no goodness.
  42. I’m booking an osteopath appointment because I have a really sore left side of my body, I think this could help.
  43. Pain in my shoulder which shoots down into the front of my bicep, one shoulder sits higher than the other – one hip is sitting higher than the other
  44. Have problems looking straight up. Every time I do I get a strange knot in the upper right shoulder blade. It makes my neck ache and need a massage clear it up. Was wondering if perhaps it is an alignment issue
  45. To relieve chronic areas of tension/tightness – hips, neck/shoulders, calves.
    My middle and lower back have been ‘seizing up’ lately, and i have tight hip flexors.
  46. I want to improve my posture, walking, running, sitting standing positions. Currently i can’t stand straight for longer than 2 mins
  47. neck pain/stiffness, shoulder stiffness. I have bone spurs in my C-spine, I will bring MRI results
  48. Lower back and hip pain
  49. Recurring hamstring injuries on both legs and lower back pain.
  50. Having some hip joint pain causing back pain as well
  51. neck/chest tightness.
  52. TMJ issues, headache, neck, upper shoulder pain, rotator cuff pain
  53. Jammed up groin and back
  54. Neuropathy in right knee and shin. X rays completed by my GP and showed mild arthritis and bone spurs. All of this came about after falling in January on ice. I will bring radiology report.
  55. Tailbone injury 4 years ago, haven’t seen a doctor back then and recently started feeling a bit of a discomfort and light pain
  56. Clavicle issue – protruding
  57. upper neck and back pain due to repetitive motions at work and extended periods of sitting at laptop. Some lower back pain & lately muscle cramps in my right foot several evenings per week.
  58. Sprain/strain of the right neck/shoulder that I’ve been getting treatment for since January, it’s not getting better. I also have bruxism the two issues are probably connected.
  59. Lumbar strain and pain in legs
  60. Chronic lower back pain, issue with L5-S1
  61. Three main issues: (1) Crepitus in the neck (2) Rotator cuff issue in right shoulder joint (3) Left wrist weakness and injury
  62. Lower to mid back pain that has been continuous for one week and has gotten gradually worse. It started after a night of dancing after a wedding but felt just like a pull muscle, but now at times it’s painful to walk.
  63. Injured my back while lifting a heavy object and recurrent sciatica-type pain.
  64. My left side body is not functioning properly. Left shoulder is very painful right now.
  65. Left side rotator cuff pain-> infraspanatus/teres minor area.
  66. Chronic problems with feet and ankles/lower legs. I have found no relief so I want to try osteopathy.
  67. Left foot possible fallen arch causing issues – cracking sound, intermittent tingling, one episode of pain
  68. To get centered. Currently a triangle.
  69. Muscle spasms and soreness, hyper-extension and misalignment in shoulders spine and neck.
  70. I would like to get help on 2 ongoing issues that I have -lower back pain due to tight leg muscles -shoulder problem due to bursitis
  71. Left hip chronic pain for over a year. Treated with physio, acupuncture, strengthening exercises.
  72. Back stiffness and pain is the main issue, looking for assessment of other issues I may not be fully aware of.
  73. Sudden onset lower back pain.
  74. Lower back pain that radiates to hip that I suspect comes from disc bulge
  75. I’ve been experiencing hip pain for some time. Tests have shown nothing. Hoping to find some answers.
  76. Pain through thoracic and cervical areas causing significant difficulty with day-to-day tasks.
  77. Hoping you can help with my (self-diagnosed) sciatica that I’ve been dealing with for the last 2-3 weeks. See you soon,
  78. I have a some nerve/Dural tension in low back and slightly through left side hip and leg. I have had treatment, but cannot move the way I want to. Flexion and posterior pelvic tilt very limited. Intermittent tingling in big toe on left foot.
  79. Left MCL and Right Shoulder injury
  80. Hip pain that will not go away
  81. Re-occurring injury from 3-4 years ago. pain: from neck mobility or swallowing.
    Location: lower left trap, behind scapula, near rhomboid. trigger: shoulder day or sleeping position. No pain at the moment.
  82. Several years of chronic knee pain and tightness in multiple areas of body. Have been doing chiropractic and acupuncture/massage, but want to try osteopathy.
  83. Check muscle balance and sometimes noise coming from the knees when going up stairs. When I work out daily I have lower back pain, knee pain, wrist pain. I stopped and the pain is gone.Currently I do sport/fitness twice a week.I hope to resume my workout
  84. Constant mid back pain that doesn’t seem to be going away. Had an appointment with an RMT a few weeks prior and she recommended seeing an osteopath.
  85. Have fascia around the head that needs to be released. In addition to chronic tension held in other places in the body.
  86. I’ve been having some muscular tension in my left hip (never happened before!) that is also spanning to my lower back. I also have a tendency to carry stress in my shoulders and neck, and would like some feedback on how best to deal with this.
  87. I have been having ongoing pain on the right side of my back. It tends to move around from near my shoulder all the way down to the middle of my back. I have been doing physio but find that it comes and goes and wanted to try something new.
  88. Bulging lumbar disk and SI joint compression. Upper back/ shoulder pain. Foot pain
  89. I have lower back problems, balance issues and numbness in my feet
  90. Long hours of sitting, shoulder discomfort
  91. Glute/tailbone/sacral pain when sitting
  92. Posture correction, knee pain, body stiffness
  93. Chronic Upper back/neck and lower back pain, pain has increased within the last week and recommended by Doctor
  94. Had piriformis pain which seemed to have moved to my spine area. Sitting and certain up and down movements is painful. Hoping you can help.
  95. Chronic pain in left shoulder / neck area, sporadic and recent lower back hip pains. Have tried acupuncture and massage without any success.
  96. I am having pain in my knees when climbing up and down stairs. As well as some pain in my left foot. I want to figure out what imbalance is happening to cause this.
  97. Stiff / sore joints around the knees, and lower back stiffness from posture problems
  98. Looking to improve my posture, noticed it’s getting ready bad and also have the benefits which i should use.
  99. Chronic right sided pain. Acute hip/groin pain
  100. Aching hips and general tightness. Pinched nerve for last couple weeks that is causing some numbness in my arm and upper back/shoulder area.
  101. Heel Pain (probably tendinitis)
  102. Hi, a friend suggested I see an osteopath for lower back/hip pain. I injured by back several years ago and normally yoga helps me stay pain free. I recently tore a ligament in my foot though and now my back/hip pain is back.
  103. Left shoulder tenderness and at times soreness with certain movements
  104. Pain in my fingers, toes, numbness in some of my fingers.
    several areas of concern. Right shoulder, neck and arm, left small of back above hip, and knee pain (median)
  105. To relieve pain and discomfort from left hip and lower back, arising from flat feet.
  106. I have had tenderness in my piriformis for over 2 weeks (on and off) and it won’t go away.
  107. back, neck, hip & foot pain
  108. Left side neck, left should left upper back injury, stiff . Also feeling a spot on the left side of shoulder/neck when turning the head
  109. I’d like help with my upper back and left low back and quad tightness
    I have Issues with my pelvis, bilateral SI joint Hypo-mobility and have real stiffness in thoraco-lumbar back and myo-fascial tightness
  110. I have chronic knee pain and am concerned about it.
  111. I have had lower back pain since December, which refers into the right hip. Physio and Chiro think it’s a T3/T4 issues. While I have been slowly getting better, I’m still only at about 85%. I have decreased strength in my right quad, and tight muscles.

Osteopathic Treatments for PREGNANCY

For you and baby. The connection between mother and baby is the deepest connection within the human experience. Prenatal osteopathic treatment takes into account the physiological changes motherhood places on your body.

When morning sickness, swelling, and fatigue take hold, work with one of our osteopathic providers to gently treat you. So you can continue caring for your baby through a healthy and stable pregnancy. Osteopathy for Pregnancy related issues is a must because of it’s efficacy, safety and gentleness.

Our Toronto Pregnancy Patients seek Osteopathic Help for these conditions: [show]

  • I am 36 weeks pregnant have had bouts of anxiety/panic for the past few days that have been difficult to bring under control. I also have SPD. I am taking medication for asthma for the past 2 weeks.
  • Chronic lower back pain since pregnancy and postpartum (my youngest is now 18 months)
  • Persistent lower back pain and stiffness for the past 2 years, developed while pregnant with my second child and escalated postpartum. Please help!
  • My main issue is neck/shoulder tension due to lots of desk and sitting time, which also leads to headaches. I also have a 14 month old and feel rather imbalanced as a result of breastfeeding, carrying her on one side, etc.
  • Experiencing lower back pain near my lower hip. RMT advised me before that she noticed my hips were misaligned, and I am now experiencing pain lately. I really want it treated as I am now also expecting, and I want it fixed for a healthy delivery.
  • Lower pack pain at 24 weeks pregnant.
  • Lower back pain — off an on for 2.5 years, started in my second pregnancy and was bad postpartum.
  • Neck, shoulder, thoracic spine pain. Mom of toddler. Tension headaches. Spine locked please help?
  • Fertility. On route to 2nd IVF. Had a procedure a year ago which caused heavy lower back pain. Pain has mostly gone but the insomnia has stayed.
  • I am pregnant and want to get my body ready to give birth.
  • Very tight back after sitting all day at work and carrying 2 kids
  • Pediatric assessment and treatment for posture
  • Recurring sinus infections, headaches, & migraines
  • migraines, sinus, & weather headaches
  • Back and neck pain, recently jammed nerve
  • Neck pain – started around the same time as the lower back pain
  • Pelvic pain from endometriosis and PCOS.
  • Bottom of spine is not curved and would like that looked at. Is causing shoulder pain as well.
  • I have symptoms similar to Pudendal Neuralgia. My doctor recommend osteopathy.

Osteopathic approaches for INFANTS

For your bundle of joy. Infants are picture perfect aren’t they? And all the lovely ‘firsts’ in their life! That is until their first bout of colic, their first  ear infection, or cold. And so the list of health worries begin.

We can help you treat baby’s discomfort and ailments to help them feel more comfortable and settle down for sleep. See how we can start your baby’s health journey on the right course with our gentle approach to infant care.

Osteopathy for MIGRAINES

We prescribe a different solution. Migraine sufferers can turn to osteopathy for their migraines. While traditional approaches treat migraines with over-the-counter-medications or prescription drugs, an osteopathic practitioners looks at how structural features may contribute to the pain you experience.

By examining the body and considering dysfunctional movement, we work to improve the way your body moves to improve oxygen delivery.

Osteopathic methods for Fatigue

Regain energy. Chronic fatigue takes many shapes and may leave your feeling simply lethargic, or sap the strength right out of you and cause muscular weakness.

Constant tension and stressors work against your body’s energy reserves and can wear you down. We use a combination of techniques to treat the body and promote healing.

Osteopathy for Chronic Illness

Natural answers. We focus on your body’s structure to address the chronic illnesses you battle. Rather than using prescriptions to mask the symptoms of chronic inflammation, is it time to seek osteopathic remedy. Our holistic approaches allow the body to recover and heal to promote wellness.

Our Toronto Chronic Illness Patients seek Osteopathic treatments for the following conditions: [show]

  • Would like to work on my posture. I have a minor case of scoliosis.
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • I have crohn’s disease and my right hip is chronically tight in general (my crohn’s is on the right side). Right now it is hurting but I am concerned about how crohn’s is affecting my posture, etc in general.
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Heel spurs / plantar fasciitis.
  • I have back and butt / leg pain from a herniated disc. It is ongoing and have tried physio, massage, etc to no avail.
  • Osteopath appointment for injury from bus accident as continuation of treatment with Acupuncture; also a glute-hamstring pull
  • Bursitis pain.
  • Pain in lower back more to the right side. No pain in the leg but I think is Sciatic pain. I also have pain in my right foot.
  • I have poor digestion and continual swelling in my legs
  • Frozen shoulder problems and general bowel sensitivity.
  • Headaches, neck and jaw pain. Chronic bilateral hip dysplasia
  • I would like to correct poor posture.
  • Pain associated with scoliosis
  • Headaches, neck and jaw pain. Chronic
  • Fibromyalgia, IBS, pain in L shoulder, pain between shoulder blades, pain between ribs.
  • Suffer from; chronic pain, fibro, chronic fatigue, IBS, and motor vehicle accident injury (old one) which requires many knee replacements, also.
  • Postural assessment and upper back and neck pain.
  • Recurrent/chronic pain and problems/injuries in many areas of my body (foot, ankles, knees, hips, low back, ribs, brachial plexus, neck), not sure why.
  • I had a herniated disc in my neck (C5/6) and have been dealing with pain for 4 months now.
  • Booking an Osteopathic to help with “Piriformis Syndrome” which is leading to a pinched sciatic nerve. Also tight hamstrings.
  • Right knee pain, I had a patella fracture last year the fracture is healed but I still have knee pain
  • Scoliosis and digestive concerns
  • Arthritis pain in lower back, arms and hands
  • I have a frozen shoulder in it’s residual symptom stage. I am in need of an osteopath in downtown Toronto. Thank you
  • Chronic headache- hemicranea continua
  • Headaches, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Neck/shoulder pain causing headaches/migraines. Leg injury.
    neck, shoulder and lower back pain. diagnosed with functional dyspepsia –
  • stomach discomfort
  • Wrist Issues… Hip Issues. I’m a walking talking issue!
  • Lower and upper Back pain. Stiff neck. Shoulder weakness
  • Low back, shoulder & neck pain; tight hamstrings; residual effects from collision 2 years ago.
  • Nerve damage/ right leg hamstring/ lower back
  • fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, shoulder/neck issues sometimes resulting in numbness/tingling down arm, long term knee injury…LOTS of fun stuff
  • TMJ issues. Jaw “wiggles” when opening and closing and clicks. Sometimes feels out of place causing discomfort. 3 dentists (two regular practitioners and one dental surgeon) said it was “normal’
  • left foot pain that had been with me for 1.5 years. Started out as plantar fasciitis and may have developed in Achilles tendinitis
  • Piriformis syndrome. Muscle is tight and pressing on sciatic nerve as per doctor’s examination.
  • Lower bag pains, neck stiffness, finger numbness, knee pains.
  • Concussion management
  • Lower back/leg issues, and digestive issues
  • Piriformis muscle pressing down on sciatic nerve as per doctor’s examination (right side) and pain in the left hip.
  • I am in an Upper maxillary orthopedic appliance.
  • SI Joint injury 3 years ago… I was seeing a physio initially but has stopped a year ago after sciatica flare up. Minor improvements. Looking to see if osteo can help with alignment/discomfort.
  • Mild Scoliosis, Back Pain, Alignment Posture
  • knee, shin splints, sore bottom of cranium & sore lower back and tender hamstrings, calves and hyper-lordosis can be fixed
  • Left upper neck cracking sound, left upper back stiffness and numbness.
  • I have been having an issue with right hip. I had an MRI and I have a laberal tear as well as osteoarthritis
  • torticollis/whiplash
  • Spondylosis
  • Cervical spine curvature C4-C7 and stenosis
  • knee pain inguinal hernia
  • Chronic tendinitis and nerve issues. Injuries last far longer than they should.
  • diaphragm/digestive dysfunction
  • Stress/Anxiety- chronic jaw pain w/ tinnitus, mostly in neck and traps. General muscle tension. I’m a runner. Has been improving somewhat with acupuncture and physio, but has plateaued’. AI do regular RMT massage as well.
  • Neck, shoulder, arm and lower back pain + TMJ.
  • Shoulder and neck pain due to repetitive strain, lower back pain, insomnia, restlessness due to stress
  • Lifelong knee issues, more recent planters fasciitis and anxiety
  • Insomnia, chronic prostatitis, Lyme disease
  • lower abdominal not activating, digestion issues, bloating
  • Chronic pain and migraines
  • Suffering of muscle pain, back pain, headaches and migraines in the last month and a half
  • Many years (10+) of ongoing Gastrointestinal Illness that is still undiagnosed.
  • Neck and back pain. Also experience vertigo.
  • I am having a lot of TMJ pain on my right side.
  • I have MS and am open to new possibilities of treating the symptoms.
  • R +++ headaches, neck pain, mid and lower back pain Have been using Chiro for 20 years, but would like to see if osteo is a better solution
  • Recovering from herniated discs in L4-S1 since January of this year. Also dealing with digestion issues.
  • Frequent migraines that begin within the neck/back of head.
  • Left 9th rib sublux and possible cartilage tear. possible visceral involvement. started a week ago and is unchanged in it’s severity.
  • I had 4 abdominal surgeries and I know that I have adhesions and scars tissue .I have Sibo(small intestine bacteria overgrowth )and it gives me many digestive symptoms.I hope that you can help me to manage my condition and to try to live a normal life.
  • Blocked middle ear
  • I was recently diagnosed with muscle tension dysphonia, for which I am seeing a Speech Language Pathologist. The SLP recommended that I also seek osteopathic treatment for upper posterior thoracic and cervical spine alignment.
  • I have been dealing with digestive issues for years, it has improved in the past 2 years but I still have some issues, low energy some days, headaches, stiff muscles neck is stiff
  • Hi, I’ve been having some issues with my right hip flexor (2yrs)/left foot metatarsalgia/over-pronation (4 yrs). I am a Flight Attendant and battle with
  • increasing fatigue from my job/circadian rhythm interruption/jet lag.
  • I have a constant pain in my piriformus/hip area that started approx 2 years ago.
  • My doctor seemed to think it would go away. Have Tried ROLF’ing – didn’t seem to help. Chiropractor – same.
  • Posture, scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, general well-being, stress, energy, balance, alignment.
  • 1) 2x Collar bone break 10 years ago. Shoulder and neck tightness plus residual scar tissue. Work at a desk Mon-Fri 9-5pm so this issue seems to be getting worse. Never did physio after the break. 2) Recurrent headaches. Seems like pulsatile tinnitus
  • Addressing chronic abdominal pain and digestive issues.
  • I had a Nissen Fundoplication in 2016; my recovery has been very difficult and I have had several complications. During my recovery, I had some osteopathic treatment in British Columbia.
  • I have scoliosis and recently my back had been feeling more tight and twisted than usual.
  • Severe tailbone pain, building over weeks. Hit it in an accident as a child. Also have interstitial cystitis symptoms.
  • Persistent headache for a couple of years with no cause identified by Family physician.
  • Persistant SI joint pain – my left SI joint is very loose – has persisted for about 9 months, have seen other osteopaths about the issue, but never fully resolved and over the weekend has flared up a lot compared to what’s typical.
  • Chronic musculoskeletal injury neck/back w/concussion
  • head and neck pain… trouble sleeping
  • Referred by pelvic physiotherapist for Urinary retention
  • I’ve experienced swollen knee, elbow or even toes from sleeping sometimes, and
  • I’ve recommended to have an osteopath treatment.
  • I have been getting migraines and tension headaches lately. I have been going for massages as I tend to get knots on my neck, shoulders and back of my head and I have bad posture.
  • Treatment for chronic osteoarthritis and TMJ primarily on the right side. Had a cervical fusion surgery two years ago
  • I have some abdominal pain and someone recommended that I should try Osteopathic treatment. Thanks.
  • Pins and needles in left thumb (thumbprint side) after day holding a clipboard all day. Think I’ve tweaked a nerve. Hold a lot of tension in neck too.

Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

When you have a race or competition this weekend and that nagging ache or pain is just not going away, we can help. In fact, Osteopathic Treatment can be just the answer.

Our Toronto Sports and Athletic Injuries patients seek help for the following conditions: [show]

  • Previous sports injuries, arthroscopic surgery no physio, movement restrictions, aches…
  • Right hip pain while squatting – need to fix to increase mobility for upcoming competition.
  • Pain in lower back and legs from running
  • Forearm tension/hand discomfort from massage therapy, weight lifting, and jiu jitsu
  • Lower back injury as a result of working out
  • Neck pain from a gym injury, the muscle pain has subsided but one of the discs still hurts a bit.
  • Looking for treatment for mid to low back pain from an osteopath as I have tried sports medicine, physiotherapists and chiropractor with limited results
  • Lower back strain possibly quadratus lumborum injury
  • An old shoulder/rotator cuff injury recurred (after about 10 years) from improper use of machine at the gym. Osteopathy was the only relief back then and I’m hoping you can help now!
  • my index doesn’t feel right after a bad move during kick boxing: no pain but a feeling of being misplaced
  • I’m a competitive weightlifter and I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain arching my back specifically in my upper back, knees and hips too
  • Chronic pain in my lower back persisting for approx 10 years, cause being several car accidents and sports injuries
  • Triathlete with hiatal hernia.
  • My left shoulder was injured 4 years ago in a car accident (as a pedestrian).. recently with new activities (Weights, tennis) I have a lot of pain in and around my shoulder making it harder to use it and exercise
  • I’m a very active, healthy runner who has been dealing with lower and mid back pain, particularly on the right side and worse when sleeping, for the last month or so
  • Recently moved to Toronto looking for a new osteopath to visit bi weekly, college dance major.
  • I have a problem with my lower back and most recently feel there is some miss alignment with my hips. I do a lot of yoga and have more recently started back running and going to the gym so I would like to get this looked.
  • Treat stiffness in neck resulting from a cycling accident
  • General health, well-being, and prevention. I used to be a professional dancer, and I am currently a dance professor. Although I feel relatively healthy, I want to take good care of my instrument after years of intense work.
  • Sore lower back and legs from work and gym
  • I am an assistant stage manager and I’m currently working on a musical with a raked stage. After weeks of rehearsals and performances, I’m finding my lower back and my hips are aching quite a bit.
  • I’m an active individual, who rock climbs upwards of 3 times a week, attends gym workouts, and yoga. I’d like to improve my full range of motion and total body health.
  • I’ve been having some pain and reduce mobility in my right wrist when weight bearing, and it’s making it difficult to do my usual workouts (especially body weight exercises like push-ups)
  • Shoulder was injured from sports.
  • My friend highly recommended the services of an osteopath. I have a lot of soreness and tension in my body from my desk job, working out and from many years of competitive sport. I am looking of an alternative solution to better my health
  • Right ACL replaced in 1997 Lower back pain – in 2009 pain noticeably increased

Osteopathy for Stress Relief

Change your mindset. If the daily grind is wearing you down, and you can’t seem to control the impact stress has on your life, come visit one of our osteopaths to see how we can heal your body and diminish the toll stress takes on your ability to enjoy life. By working to help you let go of the perceived threats to your body’s nervous system, we can help you combat both your short and long term stress response. Let’s see how we can re-train your body’s natural sympathetic nervous system response to the little things life throws your way. We welcome you to enjoy the benefits of this interdisciplinary healthcare option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathic therapy is a principles based approach towards assessment and treatment of the body that considers the interrelationships between all systems of the body. This includes soft tissue (muscles), hard tissues (bones), fluid mechanics and the neurovascular supply to all areas of the body. This type of therapy aims to restore balance in the body so that it has the ability to function at its greatest capacity. The ‘pathy’ part of osteopathy has often been misinterpreted to mean disease (from bone). In fact it is more to do with pathos – sympathy with the bone, understanding its niche in the ecology of our being.

Does Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment hurt?

Assessment and treatment is very gentle and should be pain free. Prepare to be surprised at how subtle it might feel.

Will I be sore the next day?

It is normal to feel a little soreness for 1 – 2 days post-treatment.

How does Osteopathy work?

Osteopathic Treatment aims to restore balance to the mechanical structures of the body in order to remove blockages and congestion, and restore the natural self-healing and self-protecting mechanisms that already exist. It’s like tending to a garden, ensuring that the environment is just right in order for a garden to grow and flourish.

Is Osteopathy Energy work?

The osteopathic philosophy considers the relationship between mind, body and spirit, the health of each affecting the other. Consider the posture of someone who is very sad and how that posture over long periods of times might lead to discomfort in the body. This approach towards treatment addresses the physical body and restoring balance, which may have positive effects on other aspects of a patient’s health such as general well being.

How many treatment sessions are necessary to get better?

This answer is different for every patient and in every scenario. The goal is to make small and manageable changes with every visit that aim to help people gain health and feel better in a progressive manner. Some people might find relief after a few months of treatment, and some people might need several years of treatment. This is determined on a case by case basis, as no one person is the same.

How can Osteopathic Treatment detect problem areas?

Problem areas are identified through asymmetries and restriction of motion. These assessment are made first visually but observing a patient centre of gravity, and then further explored and confirmed with palpation.

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

No referral is necessary. If suffering from a chronic medical condition it would be best to speak to your GP before moving forward with treatment.

Is Osteopathy covered by insurance?

Osteopathic Practitioners are covered by most private insurance packages.  Please check with your insurance company to verify coverage

How does Osteopathy differ from Massage, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic? How do I choose?

Osteopathic Treatments always address the entire body both in regards to mechanics, as well as neurophysiology. Consider how you swing your arms when you walk. Now, if you suddenly have something wrong with your hip and have compensated by changing your gait pattern, we can also assume you have changed the way you swing your arms. Suddenly a hip issue is now also an issue with your shoulder, so why treat only the hip? Osteopathy considers the mechanical relationships within the body and always treats the body as a whole dynamic unit, rather than segmentally. You can also read more about this on our post: Chiropractic vs Osteopathy in Toronto.

What are the benefits of Osteopathic Treatment?

Osteopathic Treatment aims to improve the overall health and vitality in a patient, this can help people feel better, sleep better and stay healthy.

What can I expect when I come for a visit?

Patients remained clothed and move through various positions on a massage table, from sitting to lying on their stomachs or backs. A therapist will spend roughly 30 minutes assessing and gently treating the structure of the body by moving joints through all ranges of motion.

What conditions are treated by Osteopaths?

Both acute and chronic conditions can be effectively treated with osteopathic care.

Should I take painkillers? Do you prescribe drugs?

Osteopathic practitioners do not prescribe drugs. This approach towards treatment can be considered complimentary towards any type of painkillers and/or drugs an individual has been prescribed.

What kind of techniques do you use?

Though sessions may include techniques similar to those experienced with other types of practitioners, it is overall a principles based approach that is rooted in the philosophy that the body has the ability to self heal and self regulate. What does this mean? As all bodies are different all approaches towards treatment must also be different, so a single technique might work for one individual but not work for another. A thorough understanding of functional anatomy and the mechanical relationships existing within the body allow the practitioner to approach each patient as needed.

What must one do following treatment?

Treatments aim to make small, corrective changes to one’s overall posture. These changes are small so that the body has the ability to take them on while remaining balanced and vital. The best thing, though not necessary, is to include a 30 minute walk into your daily plans for the few days following treatment. The act of walking helps to integrate the changes made into a moving and active body. It is also wise to consider planning 2 days of rest post treatment by avoiding exercise or heavy lifting.

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Blandine Chambonnier

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Robin Guillen

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Robin is an experienced Toronto Osteopath practicing at the Osteopathy Clinic at Aches Away Toronto. He has gained professional experience with treating sport injuries, digestive issues, stress/anxiety, TMJ disorders and headache/migraines. Robin’s treatments are covered by most extended health benefits under Osteopathic Care. Read about Robin Guillen DOMP Osteo

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Prior to studying Osteopathy, I studied Geography. Now, I am studying bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves. lymphatics and organs. If you think that Geography and Osteopathy have nothing in common… Read on (about Kam Singh’s qualifications as a Professional Student Osteopathic)

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