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We'll improve your health, so you can be at your best again.

Toronto Massage Seekers: Get Safe & Enduring Pain/Stress Relief with Massage Therapy & Natural Health Services

  • 15 Experienced and Caring Therapists.
  • 10 Years of Award Winning Service.
  • Covered by all insurance plans.
  • Integrated Health Model to help you from Head to Toe.
  • Convenient Downtown Toronto location by College Subway.

Award Winning Health Services and RMT Massage Therapy in Toronto

Would you like targeted Massage Therapy from Experienced Therapists that actually relieves your pain and stress?

Of course you would...!  With the 'new normal' of working from home, patients have reported higher levels of pain and stress than ever before.

Having Improper Ergonomics, Getting Inadequate Physical Activity and maintaing a Unhealthy Routine has led to widespread health problems that are simply begging for relief.... right now!

It's more vital than ever that you choose to get a treatment that can not only help you feel better but also prevent more aches and pains from popping up daily. 

We help  our patients reset the connection with their bodies which not only improves their daily functioning but often leads to other benefits like improved sleep, reduced anxiety and better overall function 

There are lots of reasons that people in Toronto seek us out for our RMT Massage Sessions, but primarily it is down to 3 major issues they are currently facing in their life.  Do any of these issues resonate with you?

Pain and Stiffness

  • Bad Ergonomics and Poor Posture
  • Not Enough Exercise
  • Overwork and Injury

Poor Sleep and Fatigue

  • Uncomfortable Bed and Pillow
  • Pain and Stress
  • Disordered Circadian Sleep Patterns

Stress and Anxiety

  • Neverending Work and Demanding Boss
  • Relationship and Family Stress
  • Pain and Discomfort in Body

Robin S.

Former Massage Therapist

Yesterday I had various aches and restrictions on movement. Today, my movement is freer, my breathing easier. I could not ask for more.

I discovered Aches Away through their website. Being a former massage therapist, I was very impressed with their information intake & automated booking. The office is convenient, clean, and well lit. [My therapist] had clearly studied my intake chart, and checked in with me frequently about her technique and pressure. I could not ask for better. Yesterday I had various aches and restrictions on movement. Today, my movement is freer, my breathing easier. I could not ask for more.

Five star pain and stress relief services that will make you feel brand new.

Massage Therapy Services

We help our patients reset the connection with their bodies which not only improves their daily functioning but often leads to other benefits like improved sleep, reduced anxiety and better overall function.

Naturopathic Services

Naturopathic nutritional services include everything from identifying food sensitivities, recommending specific functional/therapeutic foods, or exploring therapeutic diets to support you in your goals.

Osteopathic Services

Osteopathic Therapy uses principles of alignment, circulation and nervous system regulation to deal with the most stubborn conditions all without reliance on medications and often, even surgery. 

Nutrition Services

If you are struggling with your diet and digestion and need some help healing your gut and losing some weight, Nutritional Therapy is for you. It uses principles of Functional Medicine and Therapeutic Diets to help you gain healthy control over your eating.

Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture is part of the broader medical system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is used on conjunction with diet, lifestyle, and herbal supports to stimulate the body’s own natural healing processes.

Counseling Services

Why don't our emotions stay in control? Why do we have feelings of anxiety, Depression, Anger and Sadness that is sometimes too much? Work with a Registered Psychotherapist to  deal with the Trauma and Emotional Pain buried deep inside

Everyone has periods  in their life when their pain or injury is hard to manage, stress and anxiety is through the roof, and your quality of life is not the best. We get it.

Our Aches Away Toronto health team has experienced RMT's, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths and Counsellors that collaborate to help you from head to toe

Andy Dube RMT Toronto

Andy Dube, Registered Massage Therapist at Aches Away Toronto

The Massage Therapy Techniques we use to get you

Feeling Healthier and Happier in your Body

The 'No Frills' Massage

We call this our problem solving session. We use clinical testing, deductive reasoning and years of experience to figure out the root cause of your pain and we use targeted treatments to help you heal.

The 'All the Frills' Massage

This is the treatment you want to pick when you want the traditional full body RMT massage. We will use deep relaxation techniques to help you tune out but also tune in.

Deep Tissue Massage 

We are not afraid to use our elbows and maybe even our knees to get deep into your muscles. Your knots don't stand a chance. Our therapists our trained to provide this type pressure: Donot try this at home.

Sports Performance Massage

Our Registered Massage Therapists have had careers as National level athletes including gymnastics, Martial Arts and Bodybuilding. We bring all of that experience to every single treatment we provide. 

Myofascial Release Therapy

The Fascia covers all the Muscles of your body and it carries all your nerves, blood and lymph vessels. Treating it with slow deep oil free strokes can create a profound sense of opening in the body. Try this technique if traditional massage has not given you desired result.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can be quite hard on the body. From Low Back Pain to Achy Hips to Painful Arches. Our Trained Therpists understand the precautions to take to provide a thorough Massage while keeping you as comfortable as possible

Our Health Professionals

Dr Jennah Miller

Naturopath Doctor

Stevie Atkins

Registered Psycotherapist

Antonina Bezsmertna

Registered Acupuncturist

Kevin Joubert

Registered Acupuncturist

Robin Guillen

Osteopath Practitioner

Jennifer Johnson

Registered Massage Therapist

Andy Dube

Registered Massage Therapist

Grace Lee

Registered Massage Therapist

Faz Moosa

Regisetered Massage Therapist

Holly Donaldson

Osteopath Practitioner

Julie Bradstreet

Registered Massage Therapist

Amy Liggett

Registered Massage Therapist

30 minutes

Simple, fast and effective 

from $


  • For the quick dose of stress relief
  • For that aching sore spot that won't go away
  • For that busy mom or overworked manager
  • For the day before the big meeting
  • For when life is not rolling your way
90 minutes

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

from $


  • For when you are in need of serious recharging
  • For when life everything hurts
  • For when you haven't slept in days
  • For those who understand the true value of self-care
  • For when life is really overwhelming


Where is the clinic located?

Aches Away Toronto Massage Therapy is conveniently located on Downtown Yonge Street in the College Park Neighbourhood. near College Subway Station.

South of us is the Eaton Centre, Ryerson University and the Financial District.

To our West, you can find Queens Park, University Health Network and the University of Toronto.

East side neighbours include Maple Leaf Gardens and Church St. Village.

On the North Side, we have the Yonge & Bloor Neighbourhoood, Yorkville and the Annex.

We serve Patients in the downtown core and surrounding neighbourhoods but we also see patient from all over the Greater Toronto Area including Mississauga, East York, Brampton and Markham.

Do you drect bill for Massage Therapy? What health services do you have direct billing for?

Currently, we only direct bill for Naturopathic Services. We are working on getting it setup for the rest of our services

Do you accept American Express? What other forms of payment do you accept?

We accept American Express. You can also pay with Mastercard, VIsa, Debit, Email money transfer and Cash

Do you accept walk-ins?

Unfortunately, No. We are frequently booked up weeks in advance. We also don't have a receptionist to greet you if you show up without an appointment. It's recommended that you use our online booking system to make your appointment. Or if you have questions, please Contact us by clicking here.

I am in need of a thoughtful and awesome Gift for my Friend. What do you recommend?

An Aches Away Toronto Massage Therapy Gift Certificate of course. Have it e- mailed instantly to your Friend or to you to present later. So easy and so nice. You can also get Gift Certificates for our other services as well.

Do I have to Tip?

Absolutely not. Aches Away Toronto is positioned as more of a health clinic than a spa so we definitely do not require a tip. However if you must, we will not refuse. You can always show your appreciation by referring friends, family and co-workers to the Massage Therapist. Or give us your honest feedback... It always helps.

What services do you offer?

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Our Integrative health clinic offers Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Counselling and Acupuncture

Our Location

July 5, 2020